The Value of a Coach in Church Settings

This week saw the end of the incredible career of “Coach K”. During his time as the head coach at Duke University from 1980 to 2022, Mike Krzyzewski led the Blue Devils to five national titles, 13 Final Fours, 15 ACC tournament championships, and 13 ACC regular season titles. It’s hard to imagine what Duke basketball will look like without him on the sidelines.

No athlete would ever consider attempting to reach the highest level of their sport without the assistance of a coach – someone to help set goals, develop action plans, and provide feedback and accountability. In corporate America it is now recognized that coaching is equally important in business settings. The same is undoubtedly true in our churches.

To increase generosity, we need to provide a variety of ways to give and offer people easy paths to bless others with their generosity. The Foundation has trained coaches who are available to work with you and help connect these dots with an action plan that fits your specific situation and needs.

Our coaches are clergy and laity from within our three Annual Conferences, who have numerous hours of coaching experience. They are supervised by a certified coach and are available to coach whatever your context. Our coaching services are available to all the churches we serve, whether or not you invest with us.

These are not financial advisors or stewardship consultants. But coaches can be great catalysts to spark new generosity ideas and help you structure them to take hold and increase the potential for giving in your congregation. A coach can work with an individual, perhaps the pastor or finance chair, or with a group such as the finance committee, leadership team, or endowment board.

Some of the feedback we have received from those who have taken advantage of our coaching services include:
“… kept me focused and offered an accountability piece.”
“…coaching was a valuable element and made a world of difference in managing the changes as the congregation I serve experienced radical shifts.”
“(my coach) was an incredibly valuable resource to me, and also did a fantastic job facilitating our group.”
“I appreciated the one-on-one sessions with my coach that helped to keep me focused on my goals and affirmed the work I was doing.”

If your church would like to explore the idea of engaging a coach, contact the Foundation at 888-569-1250 or to start the conversation.

Annabel Lusardi
Assistant Director, Customer Care

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