Stewardship Education with the Foundation

How is the Culture of Generosity at Your Church?

Is money a topic to be avoided at all costs?  Or are people excited to be contributing to the mission and ministry of the church? 

In the church world the word “stewardship” has often been associated with negative experiences.  “Here we go again – they just want our money” is often the response to an upcoming stewardship campaign or sermon series.  But here at the Foundation, we understand that if we are to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world then we need to be in mission and ministry, sharing the Gospel and serving the least, the last and the lost, and that cannot happen without funding.  We are here to help you develop a culture of generosity in your congregations that will fund ministry today and for years to come.

We offer training for pastors and laity to inform, inspire, engage, renew and develop a deeper understanding of Christian Stewardship. We can work with church management to help develop a proactive plan to develop a culture of generosity. We help individuals plan significant gifts to their church either during their lifetime or through their will. We also work with accountants and financial advisors who are advising congregation members on how to best give to their church. You do not have to have funds invested with the Foundation to take advantage of our resources and support.

Periodically we also offer structured classes through our Financial Leadership Academy, Advanced Financial Academy and through district events that can be tailored to specific requirements.  During the pandemic several district events were held virtually, addressing topics such as parsonage or cemetery management, focusing financial priorities for churches, narrative budgets and developing year-round stewardship. 

Annabel Lusardi
Assitant Director, Customer Care

Looking for more information?  Call us today at 888-569-1250 or email for a consultation.

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