Special Event hosted by Fulton Financial Advisors

Fulton Financial Advisors invites you to attend our premier event of the year! Join us as we bring a 30-year veteran of the financial industry to you on a virtual platform, LIVE! Jeff Bush is a dynamic and insightful speaker and well known author who frequently appears on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report and Sirius/XM Radio’s POTUS channel, and is often featured in industry publications such as Investment News!

As a colleague at The Washington Update, he collaborates and develops content to provide a better understanding of our complex and ever-changing political and tax environment. Jeff Bush has a unique style that appeals to large institutional firms, as well as individual investors and business owners. He also speaks to domestic and international audiences, including Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff delivers more than 200 presentations a year, don’t miss this opportunity to attend one from the front row on October 15th, 2020!

Thursday, October 15th
11:15 am 

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