Partnering for Vital Ministries

Courageous Leadership in a Changing World

Calling all pastors and laity!

Are most of your church members thriving and growing in commitment and discipleship?

Are you leading transformation and finding fulfillment in your ministries?

Do you have a clear sense of the path toward a vital future for your faith community?

Ted Brown (a layperson with 3 decades of experience in business and church) and Andy Lunt (a pastor with 5 decades of experience) have worked with hundreds of pastors and congregations as they have set a vision and worked together to cultivate a culture of generosity to fuel passionate mission and ministry.  Their experience has shown them that the strongest churches have leadership teams comprised of clergy and laity who work together with courage and clarity.  This program will share their accumulated wisdom with all churches who would like to answer “YES” to the questions above.

Learn how to become strong spiritual leaders and transform worship-service-only members into contributing disciples. Discover pathways to discern an identity and purpose that excite and motivate others to follow. And learn how to create an environment of generosity that provides abundant resources for mission and ministry.

We invite you to join us for a series of video presentations, as we partner for vital ministry and grow together toward fruitful discipleship and overcome these uncertain and challenging times.

Andy Lunt
Ted Brown
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