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Hiss UMC

“Kids on a Mission” at Hiss UMC

Emily Heiger is a volunteer at Hiss United Methodist Church.  These photos are from her church’s Vacation Bible School this year, “Kids On A Mission”.  …

Rich Church Poor Church

Is Yours a Rich Church or a Poor Church?

The difference between a “rich church” and a “poor church” has nothing to do with bank balances and everything to do with the culture of …

The Power of Endowment

Does Your Church Have an Endowment Fund?

If your church does not already have an endowment fund, watch this short video for an illustration of the power of starting one.

sharing pictures

Share Your Stories and Support Your Ministry!

Here at the Foundation we love to highlight the mission and ministry of our church partners. Today the spotlight is on the congregation of Emmanuel …

money bucket

Church Income Shouldn’t Depend on the Markets Alone

There are many parallels between retirement planning and managing church finances. The recent investment market ups and downs are troubling to those who are, or …


What are you Talking About?

What kinds of things are you emphasizing, when you share with the congregation about what’s going on in the life of the church? Are you …


Is your Church Ready to Receive a Large Gift?

It is something that every finance committee hopes for – the receipt of a large donation for the benefit of the church. But what should …

Marsha Johnson 5-22

Reflections from a Board Member

I became a tither as a young adult believing it to be a means to obtain a much-needed financial blessing. Being a young wife, mother, …

Thank you note

The Power of Thank You Notes

My mother was raised in society in the genteel south, and among many other skills and etiquettes she learned the value (even necessity) of personal, …


Who is on your Endowment Committee?

I am often asked to speak to church leadership teams about endowments and over the years I have learned that many churches form their endowment …


The Value of a Coach in Church Settings

This week saw the end of the incredible career of “Coach K”. During his time as the head coach at Duke University from 1980 to …

Online giving

You Gotta Have Online Giving!

How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? If you’re like most of us it’s probably significantly less than it used to …