Jumpstarting Youth Group at Effort UMC

Alison Laxton is a volunteer youth group leader at Effort UMC in Effort, PA.  She is excited about the ministry that is growing in her church after taking a serious hit during the Covid pandemic.  She writes:

“This June was our first kick-start since Covid came around. I, along with several others are brand new to this ministry. Our church is blessed to have many children in our church and we would love to see that number grow. We would also love to see our church grow as new children come with their families. What a wonderful way to spread the gospel through a community.

“We completely started over with new ideas and routines and so far we are having a great time learning new ways to implement the gospel in our lives. Each youth has journals that they write in each meeting and we have a mission as leaders to promote God’s purpose to each one of them.”

Thank you for your commitment to the next generation, Alison.  It sounds like great things are happening at Effort UMC!