How it Works

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation delivers the best of both worlds – each church develops and maintains their unique investment plan, but funds are pooled together to maximize performance. We function just like a community foundation – only we serve the faith community. Pooled assets allow for broader asset allocation, greater investment diversification, reduced costs, enhanced performance and increased safety and diversification.

This investment process has proven to increase performance oversight and reduce both cost and risk. Fulton Financial Advisors, a $10 billion dollar bank based in Lancaster, PA, has been selected to coordinate this approach and our board in turn, works closely with these advisors to monitor portfolio performance. By developing and maintaining our own funds, we abide by our socially responsible mandate and allow a church to enjoy greater diversification across a broad spectrum of asset classes and categories to seek investment return.

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We’re not just for big churches

Almost half of our client churches have from $10,000 to $150,000 invested with the Foundation.

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