Investments and Asset Management

We are going online for our pooled account customers!

For customers with pooled accounts (<$150,000), who until recently have been receiving quarterly statements in the mail, we now have online access to monthly statements.  

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On Tuesday, January 25th at 4:15pm, Fulton Bank will host an interactive webinar focused on the economic and societal impacts of Covid-19.

Make the Best Choice for Your Church’s Future

It’s easy to find an investment advisor, but today’s church really needs a “fiduciary advisor” – an advisor that is legally obligated to act in the church’s best interest not the investment firm’s. Only one investment group knows and understands churches here in the mid-Atlantic. The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation is the first faith-based foundation to earn certification from the Center for Fiduciary Excellence. We exist to help churches thrive.

It’s About the Process Not the Product

Well before we invest an organization’s money, we work together to identify and understand your church’s investment timeline, priorities and risk tolerance. Some churches are saving for capital improvements. Others are ready to build an endowment. Still others have specific ministry programs they are working to fund. We work with you before, during and after investments come through the door – we head down the path together to reach the financial goals that will secure your church’s bright future.

Only the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation

  • Reinvests fees to provide education and consulting for all conference churches.
  • Complies with the goals of socially responsible investing.
  • Understands the unique nature of church governance and goals.
  • Cultivates generosity within the church.

Once you invest with MAUMF, you have a partner with you every step of the way – so you never have to worry about questions like this again:

  • The market just went down – when does our church’s finance committee meet next?
  • When were our investment documents last updated?
  • Are our investments allocated according to our church’s investment priorities and on a timeline to meet our unique goals?