Foundation Welcomes New Associate Director

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation has hired Mr. Frank C. Robert, Jr. to fill the position of associate director. As the associate director for the Foundation, Frank will primarily be concentrating on client service and seeking additional Foundation opportunities, primarily in Maryland, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
Jack Brooks, executive director said, “We are impressed with Frank’s commitment to his church as the lay delegate to the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference in addition to his background in both education and sales. Frank’s communication skills – his ability to articulate our unique mission and ministry – will be a key support as we continue the rapid growth and expansion of the Foundation.”

Frank’s work previous work experience as an executive sales professional at Sanofi-Aventis included implementing a successful strategic marketing plan for medical products. He has also been a guest lecturer at Lynchburg College in “Networking and Rapport Building.”

For more than ten years, Frank was a senior professional health care consultant at Pfizer, where he was responsible for pharmaceutical sales to teaching and V.A. hospitals, military medical facilities, area hospitals and primary care providers, for which he received numerous top sales awards.

As assistant to the Dean of Admission at the College of William and Mary, he implemented a marketing strategy that resulted in the first enrollment increase in years. Also in the field of education, Frank taught mathematics at Hampton Roads Academy, where he also coached soccer and refereed volleyball.
Frank is president of the Sykesville Town Council, where he oversees a budget of $3 million. He has organized several successful fundraising events for the College of William and Mary.

His educational background includes a Masters of Business Administration from Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, as well as a Masters of Higher Education and a Bachelors of Art, both from the College of William and Mary.

Contact Frank Robert: or 1-800-492-2525.

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