Financial Leadership Academy

On a mountainside, Jesus taught his disciples about many subjects, including money and stewardship. Local churches have the responsibility and opportunity to learn stewardship methods that:

  1. Follow best practices for congregations in stewardship.
  2. Give members an opportunity to give to something that matters.
  3. Fund mission and ministry that impacts communities and the worlds.
  4. Teach congregation members about the role of money in a Christian’s life and how to imitate Christ in the way we live.

The FLA is the best resource around that complements classroom teaching, coaching, accountability with an academy model for long-lasting results. It involves clergy and laity in training together and provides video resources for ongoing training every year.

The model presented captures the best learning practices used in forums and organizations within and outside the church.

Best Practices:

  • It is best for clergy and laity to be trained together.
  • Coaching works and is advantageous in promoting and fulfilling learning goals.
  • Peer learning is invaluable and builds relationships.
  • A video component allows for training to be ongoing as it is repeated.


A local church which engages fully in this process will

  1. Increase their stewardship
  2. Adopt best practices
  3. Increase money for mission and ministry
  4. Understand endowment and planned giving concepts and implement a program

Our Program Includes:


Clergy and up to 5 laity meet 4 times over a period of 18 months with people from other congregations for a seminar and teaching from an expert in the field.

Personal Finances
Learn the ins and outs of clergy finances including investments, preparation for retirement, purchase of a house, and best practices around tax preparation. Laws about clergy finances are always changing so find out what you need to know to make the most of your money.

Key Note Speakers: Rev. Dr. Philip and Janet Jamieson

Session II: Stewardship
Learn best practices for conducting stewardship campaigns, how to increase giving for mission and ministry, assessing readiness and implementing capital campaigns.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Clif Christopher

Founder and CEO of Horizons Stewardship Company; Certified church growth consultant; author of The Church Money Manual: Best Practices for Finance and Stewardship.

Session III: Leadership
Align your congregation’s giving and stewardship around the church’s vision/mission. Learn how you can promote greater giving through a focused vision.

Key Note Speaker: Rev. Bob Farr

Director of Congregational Excellence for the Missouri Annual Conference, creator of the Healthy Church Initiative, and author of 4 books including The Necessary Nine: Things Effective Pastors Do Differently.

Session IV: Church Finances
Learn the best practices for statements of giving, EFT, E-Giving, stock gifts and offering envelopes. Explore how to create accounting sheets, effective ways to communicate trends and best practices with finance teams. **For this event, key laity from your congregation can be invited to attend.

Key Note Speaker: Moses Kumar

General Secretary of the General Church Council on Finance and Administration of the United Methodist Church. Conference Treasurers from Baltimore Washington, Eastern PA and Peninsula Delaware Conferences.

Session V: Non-profit Fundraising
Learn from a non-church organization the best practices around asking for large gifts, utilizing giving patterns and trends in America, growing trust among the givers, and developing a larger number of givers.

Key Note Speakers: Megan Howie

Associate Dean for Development and Alumni relations at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering and Chip Edmonds Vice President for College Advancement at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA

Session VI: Planned Giving
Create a culture of giving from a spiritual foundation. Learn techniques for establishing an endowment for mission and ministry through gifts like trusts, annuities and bequests.

Key Note Speaker: Rev. Dr. Ken Sloane

Director of Stewardship & Connectional Ministries for the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church.

Handboks and Videos Handbooks and Videos

Clergy and laity receive a set of videos and handbooks to share with the local church leadership with exercises to complete that will lead to an action plan. This is a critical piece of the process in order to effect change.

Coaching Coaching

A coach will meet in person with the team and broader group twice during the FLA time frame and 6 times via phone/Facetime/Skype. The coach will lead the group in attaining the goals that the congregation set as it relates to stewardship.

The coach will also have a one on one call with the pastor prior to the group call.

Peer Learning Peer Learning

Each congregation is designated a learning partner similar to them that they will engage with in conversation at the seminars.

For more information, please contact Frank Robert, Associate Director of Stewardship Education.