Financial Leadership Academy Grant Winners

Nine FLA students receive $1,000 Grants

At the culmination of the “30-Day Challenge” in which our pastor students participated in the fall of 2020, they were challenged to write an essay to describe how their FLA learnings had impacted mission and ministry in their churches.  The following pastors were our winners, each of whom received $1,000 in grant money to be used by their churches.  Clicking on their name will bring you to a short video where they tell us in their own words what the FLA has meant to them.

Rev Jim Anderman – First UMC Palmyra, PA

Rev Danny Breidenbaugh – Mission Central Parish, MD

Rev Selena Johnson – Mt Zion UMC, DC

Rev Andrea King – New Waverly UMC, MD

Rev John Krimmel – Neshamony UMC, PA

Rev Candy LaBar – Wesley UMC, PA

Rev John Laughlin – Salem UMC, PA

Rev Dorry Newcomer, Lima UMC, PA

Rev Sherri Wood-Powe, Oak Chapel UMC, MD