Financial Leadership Academy

It’s Time to Thrive, Not Just Survive

FLA Online

FLA Online is the newest offering of the Financial Leadership Academy (FLA).  This is a six-month small group program for clergy and lay leadership to participate in together.  There are five modules to work through, each covering important aspects of congregational generosity.  Each module is expected to take two to three meetings with your team.

Churches need money to operate and to do mission and ministry. This is a resource to help your congregation thrive in a world still dealing with the effects of covid and other societal factors.  

Module 1 – The Culture and Theology of Money
Module 2 – Rich Church or Poor Church?
Module 3 – Conflict and Resistance to Change
Module 4 – Best Practices for Church Finances
Module 5 – Alternative Streams of Income

Each module includes devotional time, video presentations and group discussion prompts.

Each church which purchases the program also receives a coach to work with them through the five modules. A coach will help you identify where you are and where you want to go, and help you establish plans to get there. These are highly trained coaches who will encourage you throughout and make an impact on your team.

The coaches can use up to ten hours of time with your congregation. They can attend your team meetings via zoom or in person, can be available for a conversation with the pastor or team leader, and provide feeback about goals you set.

A coach will be assigned by the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation for your church once you have paid the registration fee and completed the covenant. In order to proceed beyond each module, you will connect with the coach about the goals of the session and the anticipated outcomes.

Program Cost: $600

FLA Financial Leadership Academy

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