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Expand Your Giving Potential

To increase generosity, we need to provide a variety of ways to give and offer people easy paths to bless others with their generosity. The Foundation has trained coaches who are available to work with you and help connect these dots with an action plan that fits your specific situation and needs.

What would I do with a coach?

Begin by setting three giving goals for your congregation through the season. Is one of them a stretch goal? Is there something that will attract the community (dollars beyond the pockets in the pews)? Are there a variety of dollar amounts in projects to which people can contribute? Did you provide for the small gifts, the large gifts, as well as the gifts beyond the grave? A coach will help you move from goal setting and action steps, to celebration of your results and insights for your next efforts.

Coaching one-on-one

Who are the Coaches?

MAUMF has sponsored training for 30 coaches over the last several years and provides ongoing support for those who choose to coach with the Foundation. These are clergy and laity from within our three Annual Conferences, who have numerous hours of coaching experience. They are supervised by a certified coach and are excited to be a part of this pilot program.


These are not financial advisors or stewardship consultants. But coaches can be great catalysts to spark new generosity ideas and help you structure them to take hold and increase the potential for giving in your congregation.

MAUMF coach training session

Interested? Give Us a Call Today

The quicker you start working with a coach, the quicker you can make a real impact on your ministry and mission. With a short discussion, our Director of Coaching Services will match you with the best coach for your needs and get you two in direct communication. After an advance consultation, you and your coach will set up a schedule for your sessions.



My coach during the Financial Leadership Academy has really encouraged me to be bold and be willing to ask for gifts. People are ready to give if we give them the chance.