MAUMF offers speakers that can visit your church to inform, inspire, engage, renew and develop a deeper understanding of Christian Stewardship. We can work with church management to help develop a proactive plan for growth. We help individuals plan significant gifts to their church either during their lifetime or through their will. We also work with accountants and financial advisors who are advising congregation members on how to best give to their church. You do no have to have funds invested with he foundation to take advantage of our resources and support. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

For the next level of education, we offer structured classes:

Financial Leadership Academy

An extraordinary opportunity for clergy to enhance skills in stewardship and financial development. This is a comprehensive, two-year program which helps develop clergy into strong financial leaders. Clergy learn best practices from keynote speakers so congregations grow in stewardship and have more resources for mission and ministry. Expert facilitators and peer group mentoring help clergy develop and implement an action plan that is specific to the congregation they serve. Our current seminar is underway. The next seminar will be Fall 2019.

Planned Giving School

This is a two-day conference with a track for those new to Planned Giving and a track for those looking to further advance and refine their stewardship efforts. We’ll have engaging speakers that make these complicated topics easy to grasp and will get you energized about developing planned giving opportunities at your church. The next class is slated for Fall 2019. Stay tuned for details.

Let us know if you are potentially interested in attending and we’ll send you details as available.

Academy for Church Finances

An Outstanding Opportunity to transform stewardship in congregations. Four workshops in a one-year period help congregations achieve a more robust climate of giving and responsible and effective financial practices. Laity learn best practices through presentations from leading experts so that congregations grow in stewardship and have more resources for mission and ministry. Stay tuned for 2019 class schedule and details. Contact us if you are interested in a future class and we’ll send details as available.