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MAUMF offers training for pastors and laity to inform, inspire, engage and renew your church. You do not have to have funds invested with the Foundation to take advantage of our resources and support. Contact us to discuss your specific situation.

District Webinars

District Webinars

We have several webinar trainings available to present at a district level to groups of clergy and/or laity. We can help with effectively funding ministry, developing a planned giving program, fostering year-round stewardship and more!
Topics available include:
Best practices for cemetery management
Financial impact training for small churches

Focusing financial priorities
Narrative budgets
Year-round stewardship
EPA West District Event 9/21/23

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Managing Your Parsonage

Managing Your Parsonage

For many churches the parsonage is no longer needed as housing for the pastor. If that is the case, how does the church ensure that the building becomes an asset and not a liability? Consulting from experienced conference staff is available.
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Financial Leadership Academy

The next class of our flagship education program, the Financial Leadership Academy, will begin in April 2024. If you are a clergy member ready to effect a real sea change in your church’s culture, this program offers practical education, MAUMF coaches and peer support to guide you to success.
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Empowering Leaders Book

Empowering Leaders

Ted Brown and Andy Lunt have written an insightful book on the challenges of changing church culture.  It is a practical guide filled with tools that can be used by pastors and laity working together to embrace change and envision the future together.

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Custom Coaching for Church Leaders

Coaching for Church Leaders

Bring in an MAUMF trained coach to spark new generosity ideas tailored for your congregation. They can help you set specific goals and help you structure a plan that will take hold and increase your giving potential.
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Emergency Funding Program

Emergency Funding Program

This comprehensive education program provides all the information you need to put an emergency funding plan into action to go from surviving to thriving. 
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