Creating a Year-Round Stewardship Plan

When a church embodies a culture of generosity, stewardship is not confined to a three week “campaign” in the fall.  When a church embodies a culture of generosity, the congregation is continually made aware of how their giving impacts the mission and ministry of the church.  When a church embodies a culture of generosity, giving is regularly encouraged, evaluated and celebrated. 

To help cultivate a culture of generosity, church leadership should embrace the concept of year round stewardship.

In January,  the Foundation presented a webinar on creating a year-round stewardship plan that included step-by-step instructions on how to get started.  Two presenters, Rev Mary Ka Kanahan and Rev Dr Andrea King,  offered the same material and you can watch either of the videos below.  The slideshow that accompanied the presentations and some examples of templated materials are also provided below.

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