Congratulations, AFA Class of 2022

Annabel Lusardi, Jack Brooks and a cadre of other Financial Leadership Academy (FLA) staff, coaches, and leaders helped to shepherd the Class of 2022 to the completion of the Advanced Financial Academy.  The year-long training process, led by Rev. Dr. Karin Walker and Rev. Dr A. David Argo, culminated in the graduation of 19 candidates who completed 45 contact hours, resulting in new ministry projects throughout the Northeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.  

In the coming weeks we will share videos outlining each of the projects undertaken by the graduates to enrich and fund ministry and mission in each of their unique settings. 

Graduates are listed below (pictured with Jack Brooks, Executive Director):

Danny Breidenbaugh
Fallston UMC and Mission Central Parish (BWC)

Ricky Brown
Quakertown UMC (EPA)

Mi Ja Cho
Oxon Hill UMC (BWC)

Gerald Elston
Good Hope Union UMC (BWC)

Stacy Gonzalez
Salem UMC (EPA)

Doug Hoffman
John Wesley UMC Hagerstown (BWC)

Robin Hynicka
Arch Street UMC (EPA)

Joan Jones
St Edmonds UMC (BWC)

Mary Ka Kanahan
St John United Church (BWC)

Andrea King
Emmanuel UMC Beltsville (BWC)

Kermit Moore
Providence-Fort Washington UMC (BWC)

Denise Norfleet-Walker
Pimlico-Pikesville Charge (BWC)

Mark Paepcke
Saint Andrew’s UMC (BWC)

Provey Powell
Mt Joy UMC (Pen-Del)

Jenny Smith
Wesley Freedom UMC (BWC)

Robert Walker, Jr
Sandy Mount UMC (BWC)

David Woolverton
St Paul’s UMC Elizabethtown (EPA)

Not shown:

Robb Faller

Chuck Shellem 
Saint Andrew’s UMC (BWC)