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Reflections from a Board Member

I became a tither as a young adult believing it to be a means to obtain a much-needed financial blessing. Being a young wife, mother,

The Power of Thank You Notes

My mother was raised in society in the genteel south, and among many other skills and etiquettes she learned the value (even necessity) of personal,

You Gotta Have Online Giving!

How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? If you’re like most of us it’s probably significantly less than it used to

What is Legacy Giving?

Rev Dr Andrea King serves as pastor at Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Beltsville, Maryland.  She is also a graduate of the Financial Leadership Academy,

Is Your Church Losing Money?

Church Finance Committee members are naturally cautious. I have been around Finance Committees in large churches and in small churches, and universally, we don’t like