MAUMF Investors Appreciate Investments Strictly Follow Methodist Principles

Salem UMC, Ellicott City, MD

United Methodists are committed to practicing social holiness, recognizing that the sacred is made manifest in the daily details of life. With MAUMF, every practical and pragmatic financial choice can also be an opportunity to build a better world. At Salem UMC in Ellicott City, Maryland, the congregation has taken to heart the biblical mandate to “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God.” They recognize that by participat­ing in socially responsible investing, they can offer a voice for what is good and right at corporate board tables around the world. So their money is not just making money, it’s also cleaning up polluted rivers, ending child labor, slowing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and promoting human dignity. Choice by choice, their investments change the world.

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