Investment Growth Funds Major Church Improvements

First UMC, Western MD

First UMC in Western Maryland recently celebrated the impact of partnering with MAUMF for its investments. Following the biblical parable of the talents, they felt called not to keep their resources safe, but to invest them in the building of God’s Kingdom. When an endowment of $147,000 came into the church they invested it with the help of MAUMF. Over the years, the money grew and recently they were able to distribute $357,000 for mission and ministry. The money has carpeted the church, provided a van for the church’s youth, repaired the roof, allowed painting to be done and created a contemporary worship service. Today, the current endowment balance is $155,000. It is, the church says, a seed that they will nurture to grow future ministry.


“Unlike traditional banks and other investment institutions, MAUMF does its work through people who are accessible and know money but also know our churches and the meaning of ‘love thy neighbor.’”

Lawrence Pelham Simpson UMC Wilmington, DE February 22, 2017

“Trinity UMC had not established a formal approach for extraordinary or planned gifts. With the help of MAUMF, we are now fully engaged... They met with us, provided guidance, furnished material and are always available for continued dialogue. Trinity’s Endowment Committee is now up and running with great expectations for fulfilling our mission. This is in large measure due to the partnership we have forged with the MAUMF.”

Warren Rice Endowment Committee Chair, Trinity UMC, Prince Frederick, MD February 22, 2017

“Our investment committee decided to commit the large share of our endowments with MAUMF over a year ago. It was a decision thoroughly analyzed, discussed, and prayed upon. We can gladly say this decision was the proper one. We receive timely monthly reports, and all inquiries are met with immediate attention. MAUMF is flexible, informative and is willing to go the extra mile for us. Our experience at Grace is only positive and we certainly recommend the them to any other church body that desire to put God’s resources to work for God’s glory.”

Clark Carr Pastor, Grace UMC, Hagerstown, Md. February 22, 2017