Mid Atlantic United Methodist Foundation

MAUMF 2020
Annual Report

MAUMF 2020
Annual Report

I am proud of the way our staff reacted to those challenges and maintained high standards of customer service for both our investment and our education clients. It has been heartwarming to hear the stories of churches who were able to maintain, or in some cases increase, ministry funding during the pandemic, at a time when they were not meeting in person for worship. Many of those churches attribute their success to strategies learned at education programs provided by the Foundation. Additionally, churches have been appreciative of the series of webinars that were hosted by the Foundation in 2020 (and continued in 2021), providing guidance on a variety of topics from maintaining funding during the pandemic, to creating year-round stewardship practices and conflict resolution. The Board of Directors is committed to continued support for innovative generosity education and fiduciary excellence in our investment services. As we move into the second half of 2021, the Foundation will be here to support all your ministry funding needs.

Thomas Black
Thomas Black
President of the Board

Because of our adaptive staff and adoption of available technology, we were able to pivot our educational programs from in-person to online learning, reaching more participants than ever. We established a loan program so that churches who needed to increase their cash flow could do so without liquidating assets during a potential downturn in the market. We provided initial grants to churches establishing online giving, to prevent funding shortfalls while in-person worship was not possible. Our staff adapted to working remotely, continuing to meet with church leaders and servicing clients, while maintaining our high fiduciary standards. We established a new high in clients we serve and a record high in investment performance. The Foundation has a vision for this new paradigm, and we look to the future with exciting new generosity programs and continual enhancements to our investment services.

Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks
Executive Director
Steve Basht, Pastor at Janes UMC and FLA graduate, shared that his church distributed 2000 meals weekly at the height of the pandemic.
It's time to thrive not just survive
Ken Sloane, Director of Stewardship & Generosity, UMC Discipleship Ministries, speaking to FLA students about 12-month stewardship planning.

The Foundation met the challenges of 2020 with new programs and new technologies to give churches the tools they needed. Our partners at Fulton Financial Advisors were right there with us, making key decisions early on to weather market uncertainty and support our church clients.

See our
2020 Foundation Achievements


Rapid Support for Client Churches

A $50 million line of credit was quickly set up to give clients liquidity without the need to sell assets.

Developed an Emergency Funding Plan video distributed to clients and the Annual Conferences.

Provided grants to churches who started online giving to offset credit card processing fees.

Pivoted the FLA to virtual learning, including an innovative 30-day video challenge.

I am emboldened
to speak about

– 2020 FLA graduate

Making the Foundation
Even Stronger

Renewed our CEFEX certification
we continue to be a leader in
fiduciary responsibility.

Added a full-time staff support
services position.

Developed a new customer-
relations-management (CRM)
that will come online in 2021.

"Change can happen when you give people the right resources.

– 2020 FLA graduate

Center for Fiduciary Excellence
Play Video about Partnering for Vital Ministries video

Online Resources for All Churches

Developed a series of resource webinars on a variety of topics addressing the challenges of ministry during a pandemic. We made these available to pastors and laypeople in all three conferences and housed the recordings on our website.

More than 100 videos created for generosity development.

Hosted 10 conference-wide webinars.

Newly Minted Coaches
Newly Minted Coaches

"I’m seeing finances as a key part of discipleship and teaching about that.

– 2020 FLA graduate

Great Education Success,
Despite the Hurdles

100 pastors graduated from the Financial Leadership Academy.

Awarded nine, $1,000 grants to FLA students.

Ramped up coaching services:

• 22 ICF trained coaches are now available for one-on-one or group coaching, with reduced rates for Foundation clients.

• Coaching is now an integral part of our Financial Leadership Academy.

• 80% of our FLA students found coaching “extremely helpful” or “very helpful” as part of their education experience.

Record Financial Performance in 2020

  • Assets under management grew $10 million, from $100m to $110m.
  • 15 new accounts, totaling $2.7 million.
  • $1.55 million in additions to existing accounts.
  • Almost exactly 50% of our accounts are
    less than $150,000 and 50% are greater than $150,000.
  • Approximately 400 churches have accounts
    with us.

"Thanks to the MAUMF’s efforts, we are set to end 2020 in a very good place, and we owe it all to your sterling work.

– Eric Cheezum, Chair of Endowment Committee, Bethesda UMC, Preston, MD


A 2020 Success Story

Less Debt = More Mission and Ministry

With the help of FLA training and connections made there, pastor Heath Wilson of Tom’s Creek UMC tackled his church’s mortgage debt. His church’s plan included many steps including adding online giving, encouraging stock donations and the establishing of funds in memory of loved ones. The real key, however, was to shift focus from the debt to what they could accomplish once this burden was lifted. Early in 2020, Tom’s Creek finished paying their $1.1 million mortgage and began confidently funding maintenance, scholarship and capital funds for the future.

Tom's Creek Mortgage Burning

Pastor Heath Wilson, Tom’s Creek UMC, celebrates his church’s fully paid mortgage!

Our largest FLA class was in session before
the 2020 pandemic and quickly pivoted online.

Large class icon

Fallston UMC offered a little love to their community with free, drive-through coffee.

Video recording for FLA online sessions by guest presenter Roland Livingston of RE Livingston & Associates. Dr. Livingston’s presentations focused on leading through resistance to change.

Video Recording

Voices from students as they both learned through FLA and grappled with managing their ministries in 2020:

Looking Ahead through 2021 and Beyond

Important advancements are underway on all fronts
in the coming year – from investment and account service to stewardship:

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