Our Staff

Daily business operations of the Foundation are administered by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Jack Brooks. The Executive Director is supported by our Associate Director, Frank Robert, our Operations Manager, Tracy Brown and the Assistant Director, Customer Care, Annabel Lusardi.

Jack Brooks

Executive Director

Frank C Roberts

Frank C. Robert, Jr.

Associate Director

Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown

Operations Manager

Annabel Lusardi

Assistant Director
Customer Care

Additional support staff

In addition to our full-time staff, we have a cadre of  ICF-trained coaches and outreach support personnel who work with our Financial Leadership Academy and other Foundation programs on an ad hoc basis.

Gayle Annis-Forder
Phillip Ayers
Walter Beaudwin
Wendy Bellis
Rosa Brown
Michael Bynum

Kendell Daly
Robin Fisher
Tim Fisher
Cary James
Marsha Johnson
Bruce Jones

Joan Jones
Andrea King
Conrad Link
Michele Louderback
Mary Ka Kanahan
Twanda Prileau

Kirkland Reynolds
Ben Rigsby
Barbara Seekford
Bill Thomas
Herb Watson
Meredith Wilkins-Arnold