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A Coach’s Testimony

Here at the Foundation, we believe that coaching is a critical component to the success of our education programs.  We have invested in providing International Coaching Federation certified training to a cadre of clergy and lay coaches.  One of our coaches, Rev Gayle Annis-Forder, currently serving as lead pastor at Linden-Linthicum UMC in Maryland, shares some thoughts about her role as a coach with the Foundation.

As a pastor, I really appreciate the Mid Atlantic Foundation’s emphasis on education around generosity. I had already attended a couple of seminars when I learned of the first Financial Leadership Academy. I enrolled, and in that two year process, had some previous learnings reinforced and learned many new things. I was also challenged and encouraged by the outstanding pastors in my group and our facilitator.

Supported by the Foundation, I embarked on Coach training, and had the privilege of serving as coach for a group of eight FLA scholars, fantastic pastors who learned, tried new things, and supported one another through the unique crisis/opportunity of Covid. They used their FLA learnings, and also resourced and encouraged each other to provide strong leadership in difficult times.

Some FLA graduates accepted the invitation to dig deeper and enrolled in Advanced Financial Academy. I was blessed to coach two of those participants in developing significant projects that will bless their congregations and communities, as well as tapping into increased ministry funding.

The Foundation provides opportunities for pastors and churches to learn how to best fund ministry…not just raise money, but fund life-giving ministry to serve God’s people wherever they are. As the pastor of a Foundation client church, as well as a graduate of FLA and a coach for FLA and AFA scholars, I have experienced the compassion, availability, positive attitude and knowledge of Foundation staff. I enthusiastically recommend the Mid Atlantic Foundation to any church and pastor who want to maximize their ability to do God’s good work in the world.

Thank you Gayle – we appreciate you!

If you would like to take advantage of the Foundation’s coaching services, please contact us at or 267-551-4495

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