5 Considerations When Considering Support for Your Church

You, and your family, truly make a difference with your generosity. Studies have shown that about ½ of all donations are made by households with incomes under $100,000. Clearly every single donation contributes to making a difference. Here are five (5) tips to consider when deciding on support of your church:

  1. Think about your Church, and intentionally plan to support all areas of ministry including locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally.
  2. Look into the needs of your community that your church helps to address.
  3. Add church donations to your annual family budget, so your support can grow without straining your other needs; you can even set up a donation plan so your gift happens automatically on a monthly or quarterly basis
  4. Give your children the habit of philanthropy by putting aside part of their allowance for tithing. Help them understand the meaning of good stewardship.
  5. Attend one of the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundations many seminars on the essentials of Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, and Planned Giving. You can make a difference far into the future of the Methodist Church; in fact, you’ll find there are planned gifts that pay YOU on a regular basis (look into “charitable gift annuities” to learn more)

After all, though giving is increasing, the need is great and it could take a decade or more to return to pre-recession giving levels. So take a look at where and how you want to help your church; there are lots of ways to get there by offering your time, special talent and financial support. Prayerfully consider, how are you making a difference to your church today?

To learn more call the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation at 800-828-9093 ext: 7008.

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