Why the Foundation?

Tammy Bowman

Tammy Bowman, Secretary

I am honored to serve on the MAUMF’s board, and have been amazed, over the past 10 years, to witness and be a part of this non-profit foundation and its unique mission and ministry.  I serve on various committees including the investment committee where I am happy to share my everyday knowledge and experience, as a financial advisor, to help make decisions about our investment managers, along with other board members and our financial consultant.

The assets are screened using a Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) approach, and the profits from managing client assets are reinvested back into the organizations and churches for whom we manage assets.  The MAUMF offers leadership programs in planned giving and church stewardship, and they share advice with families and local churches to promote legacy giving.  This educational excellence helps to nurture the future of the United Methodist Churches and other charitable organizations.  This helps lead the way of endowing your future for many generations to come.”