The Foundation exists to support all United Methodist churches in the conferences it serves. We provide free consulting and can bring seminars to your church. You do not have to have funds invested with the foundation to take advantage of our services.

We work with churches large and small, urban and rural – we understand the financial challenges and opportunities involved with sustaining ministries and planning for future growth and stability. In addition to the consulting below, we offer structured classes for laity and pastors as well. Classes do have some associated cost.


We provide general financial advice to churches that are:Consulting at a Church

  • Developing a pro-active plan for growth
  • Struggling financially
  • Facing specific financial challenges (or opportunities)

We also offer seminars and consulting to encourage significant gifts:

  • Help churches and congregations understand how Planned Giving works and set up the policies and programs to encourage these gifts.
  • Offer printed materials and online tools to educate congregations and support stewardship in general, as well as specific planned giving and endowment programs.
  • Advise churches on how to encourage, develop and use endowment assets for ministry and outreach.


We meet and speak directly with individuals to help them plan significant gifts to their local church either during their lifetime or through their will.


We work with accountants, financial planners, or any others advising a church on their finances and investments or advising congregation members on how to best give to their church.

It is an important part of our mission to re-invest a portion of the investment management fees we charge to provide these services at no cost.

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